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AURI Collaborates with Verofax

As a community empowered brand, Auri aims to uphold its ethos in sustainability. This aligns with Auri's plans in building an ecosystem that allows transparency with our sustainability efforts. We are collaborating with Verofax Asia to create a traceability platform that can validate the source of products throughout its supply chain for the benefit of consumers and suppliers. Read more on the joint effort in the press release below.

Verofax Asia and Auri to Launch Sustainable Traceability App Powered by AntChain

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) - Verofax Asia and Auri, a lifestyle brand with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, announced the signing of an MOU to jointly launch an Asset Digitization and Traceability Application for sustainable product passporting, to be adopted by suppliers of fashion and lifestyle products in the industry from Q1 2021.

Young ASEAN shoppers’ preference is shifting towards brands that adopt values such as sustainability, environmentally friendly and community engagement. Recent surveys show that over 70% of consumers are willing to pay a significant premium for brands that adhere to such standards (*). Auri and Verofax share these core values and have teamed up to provide consumers with a seamless application to validate brand claims and increase direct engagement.

Through its webstore (, the Auri community is offered a wide selection of ethically sourced products aligned with the brand’s sustainable business practices. Auri also empowers the community to become brand ambassadors, offering them attractive rewarding programs in the pipeline. Participating brands and suppliers will stand to benefit from greater trust and confidence when selling on Auri’s lifestyle online store and be able to validate claims using the Verofax App, powered by AntChain Traceability as a Service (TaaS).

Verofax App will enable all suppliers, selling on Auri, to serialize each item, upload supporting sustainability and environmental certificates and enable consumers to validate their claims recorded onto Antchain’s immutable blockchain ledger. In addition, Verofax App, will allow apparel, garment and lifestyle product suppliers to indulge users with relevant content and empower them to validate claims on ethical sourcing, environmental impact and community support programs.

Suppliers validated on Verofax App can then access global markets and meet compliance regulations such as “PRC eCommerce Law” and other consumer protection laws.

Capt. Koh Chen Tien, Executive Chairman of Verofax Asia, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Auri in launching the first lifestyle-focused Traceability platform in ASEAN. Traceability plays a key role in meeting changing shopper needs, advanced product marketing and access to global markets (**). Fashion and lifestyle brand owners are set to benefit from increase in sales and reduction in negative reviews/returns. Verofax offers enterprises complete privacy and control over sharing of their data, automation of operations and reducing operational cost.“

Kristy Yong, Executive Director of Auri commented, “We have recently launched Auri, a size inclusive people-powered community with a mission to provide accessible life-enriching experiences for all things from fashion to wellness. The recent pandemic has clearly demonstrated that “we are all responsible for each-other and the community. As such, we are working towards connecting the industry to deliver stronger impact.”

Wassim Merheby, CEO Verofax Limited, added, “Trust in sustainable brands, is top of mind for young shoppers and will transform the way brands succeed. Sustainable assets’ tracing will accelerate ASEAN suppliers growth and create opportunities through access to global markets (***).

For technical matters, visit Verofax at or contact info@verofax.xom.


About Verofax

Verofax is a blockchain-enabled, traceability and Asset Digitization service provider with presence in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Verofax is an AntChain Alliance Partner:

* IBV research on changing consumer preference in 2020

**   Lux research 2020

***  PWC Time for Trust report – Oct 2020