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Introducing "The Two Meters Tee"

Nothing beats the buzz of shopping which has evolved into wishlist items, promo codes & next day delivery. We too love that fuzzy feeling of excitement when our parcel arrives and we scramble to unbox it (obviously while filming it for a social media share). But what if we can double that happiness through the art of giving back? Yes, it’s cool to get new stuff but we at auri believe it’s also cool to give back.

Introducing ‘#aurigivesback’, a collection of cute & cool everyday products curated with the intent to give back. Every time you shop something from ‘#aurigivesback’, a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of our choice. We are in the works to collaborate with many charities and organizations to help every walk of life and trust us, we’re excited about it.

It took a COVID-19 pandemic to spark the fire of giving back and we don’t have plans to stop. We want to rally up all the shoppers to spread the act of kindness through the things that you buy. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or sending a care package to a bestie, the next time you ‘add to cart’ we hope it will make a positive impact on people in need.


We are all for following the new norm of social distancing but we want to look good doing it. So we took the ‘two meters’ message and made it fashion. Here’s to a tee with a lot of meaning, to remind ourselves that together we can rise above this pandemic if we work together and it begins with just two meters of distance. 

The Two Meters Tee is part of our ‘#aurigivesback’ Collection. For each t-shirt sold, RM5 will be given to Empire Project to help provide basic essentials to those affected by the pandemic.  

With Love,


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