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Who would have thought that entering 2020 would turn the whole world upside down? The whole of Malaysia had a certain idea of how their 2020 would begin; a fresh start, a new year - wawasan 2020 -  but in turn we were hit with a global pandemic, Covid 19 and it was spreading like wildfire. A Restricted Movement Order were implemented and it changed everything; shops were closed, people were indoors and words like social distancing became a part of our daily vocabulary. 
Despite this change, we persevered, like always, we found ways on how to find joy of being indoors - social media became an outlet to let our creative juices flowing; we were cooking more, creating more, exercising more, and even helping each other by retweeting and reposting small businesses and individuals to spread their story. We were spending more time taking a step back and hitting pause in our daily hustle and bustle - we were loving more and spending more time with our loved ones. 
2 months in and we are slowly adjusting into a life post-Covid 19. The team at auri wanted to create a product that will remind us of how Covid 19 has changed us and how we as a nation persevered to get through this pandemic. A shirt with a simple slogan, two meters, to remind ourselves of the hurdles we went through in this pandemic and that the fight is not over yet, we need to keep fighting.
In the spirit of helping each other, each shirt sold, RM10 will be given to AWAM (All Women’s Action Society) to help women to find their voice - gender-based violence has increased during this pandemic, and we ultimately want to do our part in helping those who are not privileged to have an outlet. 
2 meters in.. and it is the shirt that keeps giving 
With love,